Celebration of Aviation

eaa airventure headline.jpg

Camping, the US Navy Blue Angels, a concert by the Barenaked Ladies and more! That’s what you can expect at the 25th Annual EAA Airventure event in Oshkosh next week. From July 24th until July 30th, there will endless ways to celebrate the world of aviation.

The celebration kicks off with air shows and a concert opening day, performed by the Barenaked Ladies who are known for their hit, “One Week”.  The lead singer of the band, Ed Robertson, is now a pilot who has had connections to aviation since he was a child. According to the EAA Airventure website, the singer is thrilled to be able to “combine his passions of flying and music”.


Not only will there be a performance by the Barenaked Ladies, but an airshow will be performed by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. There will also be a chance to get an autograph by the Blue Angels on July 28th, so mark your calendar!

Another unforgettable memory you and your family could make would be to camp out at EAA’s Camp Scholler in aircraft camping. If you arrive on Friday for camping, you can stay with your family until Sunday for a special rate. Head to EAA’s Airventure website for more details. This will be a fun aviation-filled weekend that you won’t want to miss!


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