Staying Healthy Into Your Hundreds

“You’re Never Too Old to Play” – Staying healthy into your hundreds! VMP was featured in the February edition of MHL (Modern Health and Living) Magazine.

Tossing pumpkins off of a fourth story balcony onto a bulls-eye tarp is not something you see every day, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect to see at a retirement community.  However, the residents at VMP Manor Park are getting used to this style of having fun and living up to the company motto “You’re Never Too Old to Play.”  News stations were on hand to witness the initial toss last October, which included four residents age 100 and over.

So what is the secret to living until 100, and what keeps centenarians young?   In case you’re wondering, a few VMP residents were asked to share their insights.

“I try to keep busy. I worked in the Apartment Store (resale store) four days a week; I started it.  Keeping busy and enjoying life as you go along.”  That’s how it’s done, according to Marion, 100, a 25-year resident of VMP.  Evelyn Frahm, 102, has lived at VMP for over 17 years.  Her secret to living a long life is “keeping active, doing things, being with people. That’s the main thing; taking care of yourself. Don’t sit in your apartment.”

Charlotte Casey, 100, said “I’m a friendly person.  Everybody I meet I say hello to or smile. I play Sheepshead, I’m a volunteer, I exercise twice a week and go to mass. There’s a lot to do around here.  I made a lot of friends here.”

At 103 years young, Evelynn Jautz has lived at VMP Manor Park since 1976. She participated in VMP’s Harley 110th celebration in 2013, where she took a ride on the sidecar of a Harley, also being driven by a senior. Her friend had done the same for the Harley 100th just 10 years before.  She said “If Dorothy can do it, I can do it!  So I got on the motorcycle and went around the block! It was fun.”  What’s the key to living 103 years?  “Walk! I walked those halls every day and exercised.”

Resident Joyce Karolek, 79, is proud of our centenarians.  “These ladies are mobile, dress attractively, wear make-up and participate in activities:  card playing, reading scripture, even tossing pumpkins at our recent Halloween pumpkin smash.  They truly exemplify the VMP company slogan of ‘You’re Never Too Old to Play.’  I believe attaining that age is a sign of a good life, a feeling of security, and friendly people.”

There’s a common thread here.  Staying active and social is extremely important later in life.  According to the Super Noggin (brain fitness) program, which VMP administered for the past few years, “The best way to lower your risk for any type of dementia is to be physically healthy, socially engaged, and mentally active.”  VMP wellness nurse Linda Moeller, RN, notes “Be social. Seek out opportunities to spend time with people who are positive and happy, regardless of their age or circumstance.”

VMP’s active Senior Community Club allows residents and the community to stay social and have fun with on and off-campus trips and activities.  Membership is free and open to the public.  VMP’s new Full Circle Life-Excite program features massage, Reiki and Reflexology for overall wellness.  For more information call 414-607-4186.

VMP Manor Park is located at 3023 S. 84th in West Allis and has a 5 star quality rating.  VMP Trinity is located at 7300 W. Dean Road, Milwaukee.  VMP provides independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. For more information, see or call 414-607-4100.


By Patty Murdock, Director of Marketing

VMP Senior Care


FAQ about Independent Living at VMP Manor Park

Many people have questions about our independent living, and this information should answer your questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Independent Living at VMP Manor Park.

Do we accept pets?

   No, but they can visit on a leash.

Do you have clinical staff on-site? 

   Yes, we have a wellness nurse three days a week and a social worker two days per week as a resource.

Does someone check on residents to make sure they are OK?  

   Yes, we have a check-in service every morning.

Do we have an entrance fee? 

   No, we offer month to month rental.

Do you include utilities? 

   Yes, rent includes all utilities except phone.

What about parking?

   Yes, we have underground, heated parking at an additional cost.

Do you have activities?

   Yes, we have regular activities through our on-site Senior Community Club.  To see a full list of activities, you can download our quarterly newsletter at on the Events page.

Does staff help residents with a bath or getting dressed?

   Residents can request an outside homecare agency to come in and assist with those services.

Do you have housekeeping and laundry services? 

   Yes we do.  We have free laundry access at each wing but not in every apartment, and housekeeping can be provided by staff at a nominal charge.

Are meals included?

Yes, residents get 10 free meals per month with their rent.  They can also purchase meals in our dining room or bistro.

Do you offer transportation?

   Yes, free transportation is provided to the grocery store, mall and Walgreens.  Other transportation can be provided at a nominal cost.

Are the apartments wheelchair accessible?

   No, apartments are not wheelchair accessible, but much of the building can be accessed via wheelchair. 


For more information, see