Glendale man with striking resemblance to Santa uses magic to spread holiday cheer

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GLENDALE (WITI) — The spirit and soul of Saint Nick alive and well in a Glendale man! He’s giving new meaning to the term “Santa’s Helper.” It’s his mission to get all of us to believe in the magic of Christmas.

“Everybody knows Santa. He’s the most recognizable character there is,” Lynn Miner said.

Miner does more than simply embrace his resemblance to Santa. He lives it!

Miner spent years as a grant writer — helping to secure nearly a half billion dollars in grants. He gets excited about fulfilling wishes, so his next move seemed only natural. He carved out a second career fulfilling wishes — working out of the basement of his Glendale home.

Miner has set up a sort of Santa’s workshop, complete with a pile of life lessons.

“What happens to coal under heat and pressure?  It becomes diamonds. Coal is the mother…

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