New Year’s Resolution

Popular New Year’s Resolutions


Check out some New Year’s resolutions that are popular year after year and hints to succeed!

Get out of Debt – Cut your credit cards and set a budget, reduce your interest rates, bring in extra money, chip away at the debt, keep things in perspective, stop eating out, get organized, be willing to part with “toys” and get your priorities straight! Remember, getting out of debt doesn’t mean you can’t even spend again… you can still spend on things that are important to you, you just need to plan and save for them.

Quit Smoking – Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the U.S.  Now is the time to change! Over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy now provides easier access to proven quit-smoking aids. Even if you’ve tried to quit before and failed, don’t let it get you down. On average, smokers try about four times before they quit for good. Start enjoying the rest of your smoke-free life! Milwaukee has support services, hotlines and smoking cessation classes to help you kick the smoking habit.

Lose Weight – Over 66 percent of adult Americans (64 million) are considered overweight or obese, so it is not surprising to find that weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in America following smoking. Setting reasonable goals and staying focused are the two most important factors in sticking with a weight loss program. Join a group or work with a friend for a support system to keep you going!

Get a Job – With the Wisconsin unemployment rate nearing 8% and U.S. rate at almost 10%, many Americans will still be looking for a job in 2012. It’s important to take a closer look at industry data to find out where jobs are, such as sites like,,,, and It’s always a good idea to review freshen up your skills when applying for jobs.

Drink Less Alcohol – While many people use the New Year as an incentive to finally stop drinking, most are not equipped to make such a drastic lifestyle change all at once. Many heavy drinkers fail to quit 100% but do much better when they taper gradually, or even learn to moderate their drinking. Milwaukee has support services, hotlines and  classes to help you and give you support. There are also a number of treatment-based programs, as well as support groups for families of alcoholics.

Get Fit – Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to human. Studies show that it reduces the risk of some cancers, increases longevity, helps achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances mood, lowers blood pressure, and even improves arthritis. In short, exercise keeps you healthy and makes you look and feel better!

Save Money – Some easy ways to save money is to cook at home, make your own coffee, bring your own lunch, go grocery shopping while you are in a hurry, after eating and with a list, buy generic and in bulk items, avoid ATM, credit card and loan fees by paying your bills on time, and carpool, take the bus or ride a bike.


Spend more time with Family – Establish family traditions by reading to your children, watching old movies together, eating a meal together, create a game night, or take a vacation together.

Volunteer to Help Others – A popular, non-selfish New Year’s resolution, volunteerism can take many forms. Whether you choose to spend time helping out at your local library, mentoring a child, or building a house, there are many nonprofit volunteer organizations that could really use your help. Visit, and other non-profit organizations near you  for opportunities to volunteer.

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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Tips to make your New Year’s Eve Party a night to remember!


  • Hollywood
  • Casino
  • Stars
  • Silver/Gold
  • Glow in the Dark


  • Light up your house with strings of colored or white Christmas lights.
  • Use streamers and ribbons to decorate your house.
  • Have colorful flowers on the table.
  • Use bright table napkins and/or place mats.
  • Have bunches of black, white and silver balloons.
  • Fill balloons with confetti (use a funnel) and pop these at midnight for celebrating.
  • Write out ‘fortunes’ on small slips of paper and put one into each balloon. Each guest will get one balloon to pop at midnight with a fortune to read.
  • Find local party stores in the Milwaukee area
  • Use online stores for other party supplies


  • I Resolve … Write as many New Year resolutions as you can on slips of paper, serious and silly. Fold them and put them in a hat. Each guest gets one, if they don’t think the resolution is for them, they have to try to trade or give it away to someone else. Have them read their resolution out to the others beginning with “I resolve…”
  • Dress to suit the hat… Have a large assortment of hats. Each person selects or is given one hat. They then have to speak and act as they imagine an owner of such a hat would behave. They can even give themselves an accent and a new name. Everyone introduces themselves to the others as that new character.
  • Celebrity Hunt… Everyone puts a piece of paper with a celebrity’s name on their back. Make sure they don’t see the name. The objective is to figure out who you are. Go around the room and talk to other people to ask questions about who they are – answers can be YES or NO only. If you get a YES you may continue asking, if you get a NO play moves on to the next person. Last person to guess their name is the loser. Simple, but very absorbing.
  • Guessing the Resolutions… Make each of your guests write down 5 resolutions, each on its own slip of paper. Pull one slip of paper out of a basket at a time and read it out loud. Everyone has to write down who they think made each resolution. At the end of the readings, the person who guessed the most correctly wins a prize. Read some of the wrong guesses out loud for fun!
  • Two Truths and a Lie… Everyone comes up with two truths and one lie about yourself from this year. The others have to guess what the lie is.


  • Deviled Eggs
  • Artichoke and Spinach Dip
  • Smoked Salmon Dip
  • Stuffed Baby Bellas
  • Bruschetta with Assorted Toppings
  • Pigs in a Blanket


  • Hot Cocoa
  • Hot Butter Rum
  • Mimosa
  • Champagne Punch with a fruit
  • Hot Spiced Christmas Wine

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Art Show from VMP – Senior Residents

VMP Art Show

Friday, Dec. 14th – 1pm-3pm

8615 W. Beloit Rd., West Allis

FREE Event!


VMP will host its first annual resident art show. This art show will take place on Friday December 14 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. It is free and will be held in the Health Center lobby on the second floor which is located at 8615 W. Beloit Rd., West Allis 53227.

The residents in the Maplewood Health Center have been working diligently for the past 15 weeks on creating artwork about music and painting in September. We incorporated easy listening and big band music for the residents to get their creative juices flowing. The residents painting style is unique, realistic, abstract and an expression of their creativity. The resident’s personality comes out through their brushstrokes. Our goal is to have this program be continued for the residents to express themselves through painting and art.

Refreshments will be available for the all in attendance.   This event is open to the public, Palmer House and Wesley Park residents. For more information, please call 607-4192 ext. 2476.

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