Last chance to reserve tickets for John McGivern in “The Wonder Bread Years” show for $35.

Exclusive cast party with John McGivern, reception after the show with wine, beer, soda and dessert for $75.2014 - 02 John McGivern Foundation copy


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Please join us for a fun-filled evening when Emmy Award Winning Actor JOHN MCGIVERN stars in “The Wonder Bread Years” at Potawatomi’s Northern Lights Theater on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 8 p.m.

VMP is looking to build a big crowd for the show finale.  VMP is proud to support John, who has been advocating the VMP active seniors mantra for more than a year. Perhaps you’ve heard John’s ads on WTMJ Radio 620 during Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks games. 

Best seats in the house tickets are $35. For Tickets AND an invitation to an exclusive after show Cast Party with John McGivern we are asking for $75(Group rates for tickets and the Curtain Call Reception for 10 or more individuals are $65 each.)

All ticket packages include $10 in Rewards Play from Potawatomi. Proceeds benefit VMP Foundation to support active senior lifestyles. This is John’s second performance at the Northern Lights Theater.  It’s also the second go-around with the VMP crowd that believes You’re Never Too Old to Play.

We hope you can join us for some laughs and we hope there are more shows like The Wonder Bread Years in the future.

2014 - 02 John McGivern Foundation copy

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Last call to order special rate tickets from VMP for Tuesday, January 14th!

Call (414)607-4186 to reserve your seat today.2014 - 01 John McGivern Flyer copy


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See you at the Kids2Kids Toy Drive TOMORROW at:

  • VMP Manor Park, 3023 S. 84th Street, West Allis 53227 from Noon-8pm
  • Additional Drop-Off site: VMP Trinity, 7300 W. Dean Road, Milwaukee 53223 from Noon-6pm

2013 - Kids2Kids Flyer Round Two



VMP Manor Park’s Entertainment Schedule2013 - Kids2Kids Entertainment Schedule

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Enjoy the complimentary festivities when you donate a new, unwrapped toy!

Drop-off Sites:

3023 S. 84th St., West Allis 53227 on Thursday, December 5th from Noon-8pm

7300 W. Dean Rd., Milwaukee 53223 on Thursday, December 5th from Noon-6pm

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The “Pink Shopping Bag” Remote Boutique

Saturday, November 16, 10:00am – 1:00pm

8621 W. Beloit Rd., West Allis WI 53227

FREE Event


Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this fun, fashionable and affordable shopping experience. The Pink Shopping Bag will be bringing “their store to our door.” We are hosting a Trunk Show right here on site for your shopping pleasure and convenience. Consider this the ultimate in retail therapy. The company believes that their customers’ needs are of the utmost importance.

Don’t forget to bring your pocket book because we’re sure you’ll find many items to purchase!!

The event is open to the community. For further information, please call 414-607-4186.

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Pumpkin-tossing seniors hit bull’s-eye during Halloween bash

Jim Stingl – JSOnline

Evelyn Jautz, 102, hurls her pumpkin from a balcony. Jautz tossed the ceremonial first pumpkins. The event was part of Pumpkin Drop Bullseye Bingo at VMP Manor Park in Milwaukee on Thursday. To see more photos and a video, go to jsonline.com/multimediaThis is going to sound like something you hear on a police scanner: We have a report of seniors throwing pumpkins off a fourth-floor balcony.

And not high school seniors, as it turns out. These are senior citizens enjoying a Halloween celebration that goes way beyond eating candy and sipping punch.

I didn’t find anyone there who, in their long lives, had ever experienced the joy of hurling pumpkins to the smash zone 55 feet below for fun and prizes. This was a brand new thrill for them, and it must have looked pretty strange to drivers passing by on Beloit Road.

It was my pleasure Thursday to attend the first-ever Pumpkin Drop Bull’s-eye Bingo at VMP Manor Park senior living community in West Allis. There was even a large pumpkin with my name on it, and you bet I chucked that sucker to the target below.

The launch site was the volunteered balcony of a resident in the independent living section. Down below in a driveway was a blue tarp painted as a target. The idea was to toss the pumpkin as close to the bull’s-eye as possible and score points.

Similar to a baseball game, the event began with the ceremonial throwing out of the first pumpkins. Evelyn Jautz, 102 years old, and Evelyn Frahm, 101, both wearing plastic crowns, did the honors.

“It’s the first time I ever smashed a pumpkin,” said Jautz, then pausing to add, “Maybe I did years ago.”

She missed the target by 6 feet with the first one she tossed. “You gotta heave it,” Frahm coached her. Her second one was better.

Sean Callahan used a bullhorn to announce all the action from down below. Spectators huddled under tents.

“You’re never too old to play,” said Callahan, whose title at Manor Park, director of strategic initiatives, has a surprising gravitas for a guy who thinks up pumpkin-throwing games for senior citizens.

“The residents have really bought into it. They’re talking trash. It’s great,” he said.

I just might want to live here someday, indulging my sophomoric side well into retirement.

George Jaeger cheered on his female teammates on the Pink Pumpkin Pushers, one of five squads competing in the event. “Throw it out there as if you were aiming at your husband,” he shouted.

About 70 pumpkins, all donated by Woodside Acres in Milwaukee, were dropped. The little ones landed with a thwack, and the big ones exploded with a resonant boom. Soon pulp and seed were everywhere, and the smell of pumpkin murder hung thick in the air.

Callahan had tested the idea with a few practice drops. Four stories is more than enough to shatter a pumpkin. I asked Callahan if he bothered telling the Manor Park lawyers about his crazy idea. “No, they don’t know about it,” he joked. “As far as they know, this event didn’t happen.”

But the president and CEO of VMP Manor Park certainly was aware of it. Dressed as the pope, Alan Runde was the captain of Al’s Miller Lite Pumpkin Smashers. He was out there tossing with the best of ‘em.

The other teams were the Pool Shark Pounders, Witchy Warped Weavers and the winners, the Choo Choo Chuckers. I’m told they will be awarded pumpkin pies, hopefully not made from debris in the smash zone.

Everyone tried to be careful about making sure the coast was clear before a pumpkin was dropped, but the guy sweeping off the target after each shot was clipped in the back by one errant pumpkin.

Bell Ambulance was standing by just in case. Hey, it’s a bunch of people in their 80s and 90s firing pumpkins from a balcony — what can go wrong?

The pumpkin drop went on despite a steady rain. Callahan said it would take a hurricane to cancel it. You can’t reschedule a Halloween event to Nov. 1, he said, because then you’re into the Christmas season already.

The party was inspired in part by David Letterman, who used to throw things off a five-story tower on his show. He went way beyond pumpkins to bowling balls, a wedding cake, grandfather clock and balloons filled with guacamole, to name a few.

“It’s dangerous. It’s exciting. It’s sick,” is the way Letterman captured the appeal of the stunt.

It was all that and more.

Read more from Journal Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/pumpkin-tossing-seniors-hit-bulls-eye-during-halloween-bash-b99132527z1-230126191.html#ixzz2jsV5j4HC

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